Vivio Features

  in - July 8, 2014

Amazing Features

Why is Vivio a must have?

Vivio is an iOS 9 content blocking app with the sole purpose to make your browsing experience better and faster. Experience the web the ways it is supposed to be, clean and fast. Vivio not only removes ads from the websites you visit in Safari, it also saves you data traffic and data traffic costs up to 50% and makes your battery lasts longer as a result.

No More Ads

Vivio blocks all ads, banners, popup videos etc. You will see only what you want to see.

Faster Web

Vivio will speed up your Internet browser.


Privacy and security has been significantly improved since Vivio blocks your tracking.

Less Data

Data usage is rapidly reduced, so you also save money on your tariff.


You can use predefined or custom filters to have the web you always wanted.

Vivio saves your battery

Less Ads -> less data -> your battery will last longer.