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Frequently asked questions

We got many questions about Vivio and content blocking in iOS 9, so we decided to answer them publicly, so you can use this page as a reference into this topic.

What is Vivio?

Vivio is an iOS app that uses the new iOS9 functionality to block content in Safari. It blocks 3rd party images and scripts that are responsible for displaying ads. It also blocks scripts that track your behavior.

What can Vivio do for me?

By blocking all this content Vivio makes browsing the web faster and safer. It also saves the amount of data traffic saving your cellular data usage costs. Our research shows that Vivio can save you about 38% of data traffic, also making the battery last longer as a result.

Does Vivio work on any website?

We have a general filter for ad blocking that we periodically update. If you are interested in protecting your privacy, you can also use our privacy protection filter. We also realize that not all of our future users live in the USA. So we provide a set of ad blocking filters for specific countries (Slovakia, Czech Republic, Russia, Germany, Netherlands to name a few). The user can pick and choose any combination of these filters.

Does Vivio only work in Safari?

The new iOS 9 content blocking API only supports Safari, the most wildly used browser on iOS devices. Vivio will also work in apps that use the new Safari View Controller. Vivio will work with iPhones and iPads, support for a Mac version is also planned.

What about my privacy?

Vivio uses the new iOS 9 feature that allows apps to provide content blocking filters to Safari on iPhone, iPad and Mac. We maintain ad blocking and privacy protection filters that Vivio downloads and provides to Safari. This means that we do not know what websites you visit or how you use Safari. This way you can use Vivio without any concern for your privacy. There is no information about internet or device usage sent back to us.

Will Vivio run on my device?

Apple decided that content blockers can be installed only on devices with 64bit processors. This excludes the iPhone 4s, 5, and 5c; the iPad 2, 3rd-generation iPad, and 4th-generation iPad; 1st-generation iPad mini; and the 5th-generation iPod touch. All later devices work.

Whats your pricing model?

The app itself is free, so are the the General ad blocking filters (the ones blocking Google Adsense and other worldwide ad systems). This filters will block most of the ads on the Internet. The regional rules, blocking local ad blocking systems, are paid.

How can I get Vivio?

Vivio is available on the App Store, so just download it.

Vivio does not seem to be working, what can I do?

This may happen when you disable and enable Vivio again in Settings | Safari | Content Blockers or enable it after you select the filters you want to use. If this happens, just open Vivio, go to the setttings (the Content Blocking Rules on the main screen) and click Done. All the adblocking filters will reload and you should be fine. If the problem persists, just send us an email to hello@vivioapp.com.