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Vivio introduction and first benchmarks

  in Benchmarks - August 28, 2015

When we came up with the idea to create Vivio, the goal was simple. We wanted to make the web experience on your iPhone or iPad safe and clean again. Make the web into something it should have always been. And we think we succeeded.

What is Vivio?

Vivio is an iOS app that uses the new iOS9 functionality to block ads in Safari. We have a general filter for ad blocking that we periodically update. If you are interested in protecting your privacy, you can also use our privacy protection filter. We also realize that not all of our future users live in the USA. So we provide a set of ad blocking filters for specific countries (SK, CZ, RU, DE, NL to name a few). The user can pick and choose any combination of these filters.

What can Vivio do for me?

Saying that Vivio makes the web experience safe and clean sounds too generic.  Everyone likes bullet points, so here are out top features

  • blocking ads
  • blocking privacy intrusive scripts
  • making web pages load faster
  • saving data traffic
  • making the battery last longer

How does Vivio work?

Vivio uses the new iOS 9 feature that allows apps to provide content blocking filters to Safari on iPhone, iPad and Mac. We maintain ad blocking and privacy protection filters that Vivio downloads and provides to Safari. This means that we do not know what websites you visit or how you use Safari. This way you can use Vivio without any concern for your privacy. There is not information about internet or device usage send back to us.

Why is Vivio better than current solutions?

All the current ad blocking solutions for iOS 8 and older work as a proxy or VPN. The problem with this approach is that all your data go through a third party and you have no control over what the third party does if your data. Sure, they fill filter the ads for you but they may also inject some of their own ads to your data, inspect your traffic or even sell information about your browsing habits.

What about some real numbers?

In this first benchmark we took 8 popular websites and measured how much data can Vivio save you. Transferring less data means greater speed and less battery usage. Of course you also do not see the intrusive ads, but this is not something that can be measured.

As you can see, Vivio can save you about half the traffic on most of those sites. In our tests Vivio saved 42% traffic overall.

What about some screenshot?

To illustrate how much better the web looks like with Vivio, here is an example. The first screenshot is Business Insider on an iPad, without Vivio, s you see it now.

Simulator Screen Shot 27 Aug 2015 22.33.30

And here is a screenshot of the same article, using Vivo

Simulator Screen Shot 27 Aug 2015 22.31.24

We think the difference is really visible!

When can I get Vivio?

Vivio will launch together with iOS9 in September. If you are running iOS9 Beta, you can registers for our beta here. We will launch the beta as soon as Apple launches TestFlight for iOS9. If you are from the press and want to test the app beforehand, drops as an email to hello@vivioapp.com and we will add you to our internal beta.